Get Involved

“What Can I do?”

Ways You Can Get Involved

Make A Life-Changing Donation

We are currently seeking donors for the building fund.

Winter Shelter Operations

These operations involve so many aspects for our volunteers. Ask us!

Volunteer Your Time

If you are interested in volunteering to help clean facilities or wash dishes. We can use you.

Involve Your Church

Let us present MRM in your local church.

Community Involvement

If you are a leader in the community, you can make an impact for MRM. Ask us!


Spread The Word

Share your support of MRM with people you know.

Current Openings For Volunteers

Shelter Volunteer
Ask about our current schedule…

  • Help at sign in desk
  • Issue linens
  • Minor cleaning
  • Help serve a meal
  • Help launder towels

Laundry Volunteers
2020-2021 volunteering is available…

  • Help clean and fold blankets sheets and towels

Spring Summer Openings For Volunteers

Hot Patrol Volunteer
May through September (Mornings)

  • Help pass out bottles of water on days 90 degrees and above

Special Projects Volunteer

  • Seasonal projects that support mission operations (Times and dates vary)

Contact us to volunteer and check dates.

Call Mon-Sat 10am-4pm: 615-933-8263

Murfreesboro Rescue Mission Volunteers

Providing Help, Hope, and Healing to Our Homeless in Murfreesboro

Homelessness is devastating communities all over the United States even in Murfreesboro. What will we do? We can walk on by and pretend it doesn’t exist; or we can stop, acknowledge the problem and start taking steps to change lives.