The Goal

Stabilize | Evangelize | Mobilize

The Goal & Mission

Following God’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves, Murfreesboro Rescue Mission exists to provide help, hope, and healing to our community’s most vulnerable population experiencing homelessness.


Meet the basic needs of our guest by providing meals, clothing, and temporary shelter.


Share God’s love and grace through the transforming power of the gospel.


Help find new paths back to the community as productive members of the workforce.


More resources to providing transitional housing services for the homeless

Analysis report shows 83% agree

Need in Murfreesboro for additional permanent supportive housing

Analysis report shows 90% agree

The priority for developing additional transitional housing beds is a must

Analysis report shows 92% agree

Homelessness Needs Analysis from

Homelessness is devastating communities all over the United States even in Murfreesboro. What will we do? We can walk on by and pretend it doesn’t exist; or we can stop, acknowledge the problem and start taking steps to change lives.